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Marketing Rebels Episode 3

Content marketing: don’t fix what isn’t broken, just do it better

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Tom Bangay

Tom Bangay

Director of Content, Juro


Alice de Courcy

CMO, Cognism

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Alice spoke with marketing rebel Tom as he shared his insights on producing content that actually works for you and your audience. Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results won’t cut it! You need to write something that’s valuable and measurable. In this live fireside chat we provide real life tactics to help you achieve this.

In this live broadcast, we discussed:

  • Is the eBook really dead? The benefits of doing it well
  • Good cop-y bad cop-y - why you should take time to run your content ideas by your customers and prospects 
  • What metrics content marketers should be measuring
  • Tactics on producing and repurposing content that meets your ROI targets

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