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Marketing Rebels ⚡

Challenging traditional marketing thinking 

During this series, we'll be interviewing marketing leaders who are tearing up traditional marketing playbooks. Best of all, they'll be discussing actionable, real-world B2B marketing insights you can steal for yourself.

Sure we'll cover topics such as growth marketing, SEO, revenue and lead generation. But not as you know them...
Our rebels go against the grain to provide hacks your competitors have never heard of.

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The eBook is Dead

We kicked off this series of live fireside discussions with the first of our marketing rebels, Chris Walker,CEO @Refine Labs. In episode 1, Cognism CMO, Alice de Courcy, talks to Chris about the things he does differently to avoid getting stuck in the performance marketing lead generation hamster wheel. 

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Why Growth Hacking is BS

In this episode, we will look to debunk the myths around growth hacking and discuss with Aazar his unique approach to growth marketing. We will dig into why it is not one hack that will grow your business, how there isn’t just one experiment that will be your silver bullet to short term success and how you can stop copying and pasting tactics and really start to innovate

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Content marketing: don’t fix what isn’t broken, just do it better

Alice will be talking with marketing rebel Tom as he shares his insights on producing content that actually works for you and your audience. Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results won’t cut it! You need to write something that’s valuable and measurable. 

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Actual, real life, agile marketing. How to generate 11,000 leads in 6 months 

In this episode, Alice will be talking to Andy about how he put into practice agile marketing tactics at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to drive record growth for Leadfeeder with 11,000 new leads generated in the past six months.

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Stop gating content, it doesn’t work

In episode 5 Alice and marketing rebel Karla Rivershaw will dive into a discussion on audience led content creation and address how we should be publishing and sharing B2B content. Digital experiences have never been more important, with interaction being key. So is it time to kill the pdf? Karla certainly thinks so. 

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