Marketing Rebels Episode 2:
Why growth hacking is BS and what you should actually be doing

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Aazar Ali Shad

Aazar Ali Shad

Head of Growth, Userpilot


Alice de Courcy

CMO, Cognism

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In this episode we looked to debunk the myths around growth hacking and discussed with Aazar his unique approach to growth marketing. We digged into why it is not one hack that will grow your business, how there isn’t just one experiment that will be your silver bullet to short term success and how you can stop copying and pasting tactics and really start to innovate.

In this live broadcast, we discussed:

  • Sustainable growth marketing: what is it and how can you start doing it?
  • Pain point SEO: practical steps to get going and start generating leads
  • Pattern interrupt uncovered: the key to effective personalisation
  • The metrics that keep you up at night, how to track them, and when to react to them